Lorraine Sawicki


My story.

Hi, I'm Lorraine, and I'm a designer with a technical background. I specialize in analyzing an environment or problem, prototyping and then implementing a design solution. Some examples of what I've worked on are websites, book projects, urban gardens, and most recently responsive layouts and market research.

I graduated with a computer science degree and worked as a software engineer and programmer in a number of different settings. Financial software, a museum, a publishing company, a startup — with one degree I managed to pivot my career. After a few years, I realized that I wanted to do more than code; I wanted to participate in something more visually creative.

I've worked closely with clients to figure out the best way to portray a brand implement ways to reach and satisfy the intended audience. Working out design decisions, prototyping a set of ideas and implementing a solution is my strongest skill set.

As a New Jersey native and happy transplant to Seattle, Washington, I feel an affinity to people who live to discover, build connections, and create with passion in whatever medium or method they like best. It's interesting (one of my favorite words, by the way) to find out about an individual's life story, work history, and how they got where they are in the world so far.